Meet the Team

Green Wing specialists are more than just employees. They're members of the Brevard community, friends and neighbors. We're so grateful for our wonderful staff and hope you are too!


Jeff Daniels

Owner and Founder

Prior to starting Green Wing in 2011, Jeff knew he had to learn from others in the lawn and pest control business. So, he did. He worked for another company for 7 years

absorbing all the ins and outs of lawn care and pest control. He put in a lot of hours, studied hard and learned what worked and didn’t work about the business.

Finally, after saving enough money to purchase his first service truck and completing all the certification exams, he decided it was time to go out on my own.

Those first couple of years it was just him going door to door offering his services.

Today Green Wing has nine employees and is serving more than 2,000 homes and businesses in the Brevard and Melbourne area. Jeff can’t express how proud he is of the team. As Green Wing continues to grow, Jeff makes a point to reflect on his business and how he can better serve our neighbors. In 2020, Green Wing wants to show you that we care about supporting the community through service, supporting our employees beyond just a paycheck and benefits, and supporting you in more ways than just lawn and pest control service.



Favorite Pest:  Chinch Bug



Favorite Pest: a dead one



Favorite Pest: Ghost Ant



Favorite Pest: a dead one


Favorite Pest: the guys I work with



Favorite Pest: a dead one



Favorite Pest: Praying Mantis